Our flagship program, IONGAMING is a "Let's Play" series featuring the members of the Winterion Game Studios team. The show is a casual foray into games old and new with the team's unique, insightful commentary.

IONGAMING Challenge logo

IONGAMING CHALLENGE episodes vary slightly from traditional episodes of IONGAMING, in that the members of the team are pitted against one another in a winner-take-all contest. Highest score wins!

IONGAMING Review logo

IONGAMING REVIEW videos dig into the details of a game the team has completed a playthrough of, providing information on the title's history and context to its importance. These episodes often serve as post-shows that allow the team to recap the experience of playing and voice their opinions.

Lecture Panels

Our lecture panel videos are often centered around topics or ideas, and are more academic in nature. These videos do not necessarily focus on a single title, but instead, explore concepts that games tackle or mechanics they employ, and are recorded from our appearances at various video game conventions.

IONGAMING Bonus logo

Bonus episodes of IONGAMING are archived footage or special features that don't necessarily fit into other episode types. Want to see cutscenes a playthrough might have missed, the other endings for a game, or even a speedrunning cat? Look no further!