Favorite food: Bagel
Coolest thing: Snow
Skilled genre: Retro

The founder of Winterion Game Studios. A graduate student of game design at George Mason University, Daniel has been studying video games for years and playing them for decades. His goal is to help build the modern framework for game appreciation.

Favorite food: Steak
Coolest thing: Bear
Skilled genre: RPG

His earliest formative memory being that of playing Mega Man IV, Richard is a video game enthusiast, through and through. His interests focus largely on platformers, role-playing games, and adventures. When the team needs an expert to buckle down and knock out the truly mean titles, Richard makes it happen.

Favorite food: Gnocchi
Coolest thing: Space
Skilled genre: FPS

The rocket scientist of the WGS team, quite literally. When Hillary isn't safeguarding humanity from interstellar threats or honing lethal hand-to-hand combat skills, she's racking up kills in first-person shooters.

Favorite food: Carbonara
Coolest thing: Rock
Skilled genre: Sports

Raised on both video games and sports, Matt is all about three things: gaming, hockey, and humor. His boistrous enthusiasm for all three speaks (loud) volumes, and his experience as an announcer is invaluable to team commentary.

Favorite food: Sushi
Coolest thing: Dinosaur
Skilled genre: Adventure

Erin is the team's "clutch bow" - though her head is sometimes in the clouds, from there, she's free to drop some amazing puns. Her late father raised her on a love of all things Zelda, so she hopes to one day raise a lot of money for cancer research through gaming.